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Serverless Android Project

Unveil the premier Android application code available for purchase! Experience the convenience of a Movies & TV Series Tracker application, offering a seamless, serverless solution without the need for hosting. Benefit from automated operations, fortified encryption, comprehensive Firebase management, and instant notifications.


OFOO's serverless tech cuts costs, boosts profits, enhances streaming, and user experience.

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Ad Networks

Multiple ad networks support with Firebase remote control. Enhance monetization strategies.

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OFOO uses Firebase Analytics for user insights and Remote Control for ad flexibility and other controls.

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App Design

OFOO's Material Design mimics Netflix, Apple TV+, offering a competitive, stunning user experience..

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App Code

OFOO, built in Java, aligns with Android Studio, boasts modularity, and ensures easy maintenance.

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Supports ExoPlayer (mp4, mkv, m3u8, mpd), web casting, YouTube and embed functionality.

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Modern, clean code with all the essential SDK's

OFOO's clean code ensures optimal performance and maintenance, supporting Android 5-14, integrates six ad networks, Firebase analytics, and OneSignal notifications for a robust, versatile experience.

Serverless App
Clean Code
Mod Protection
Lifetime Updates

Ship Your App In 3 Steps

Step 1

Seamlessly acquire OFOO, a gateway to movies and tv series portal. Boost engagement and secure higher returns with minimal effort.

Step 2

Effortlessly compile OFOO with our guided, simple process. Transform your vision into reality, ensuring a seamless, high-quality app production.

Step 3

Publish OFOO effortlessly, opening your project to the world. Captivate audiences and drive growth with an impactful, market-ready application.


Boosting app growth
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Simple, Flexible Pricing

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  • Full App Source Code
  • Documentation
  • No Hosting Required
  • Localhost Admin Panel
  • 12/7 Email support
  • Auto Embed


  • Full App Source Code
  • Documentation
  • No Hosting Required
  • Localhost Admin Panel
  • 12/7 Email support
  • Auto Embed

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Questions &

1. What is OFOO and how does it work?

OFOO is a cutting-edge Android Movies & TV Series tracker app crafted with native Java, offering an efficient serverless solution that requires no hosting. Experience the convenience of automated web crawling for content updates, and benefit from several features, anti moding protections, and more!

2. What's inside the package?

Upon purchasing the project, you get the following:

  • Android Code
  • Admin Panel Code
  • Set Up Documentation

3. Which languages does OFOO support?

OFOO supports all languages. You can follow the documentation to configure the app in your preferred language.

1. Are the discounts consistent throughout the year?

No. The promotional pricing is available for a limited number of customers. Once we reach our target, the pricing will return to its original rate.

2. How can I request a refund?

To be eligible for a refund, ensure that you have not downloaded the code or APK, depending on the package you've selected.

  • You must be able to provide proof that no download has taken place.
  • Refund requests must be made within 24 hours of purchase.
  • If you meet the eligibility criteria, please contact us either via email or message us on Telegram to initiate the refund process.

1. Are regular updates provided?

We release updates approximately every one to two months to enhance the functionality and fix any issues.

2. What about the admin panel for a serverless app?

The app comes equipped with a comprehensive admin panel hosted on localhost, seamlessly integrated with Firebase, granting you complete control over an array of features such as ad management and more. This setup ensures a centralized and efficient administration experience.

3. Can I request custom features or integrations?

Absolutely. We offer customization services tailored to your requirements. To discuss further, please get in touch with us via email or Telegram. Note that these customizations may be subject to additional charges.

4. Can I add copyrighted content to the app?

We do not support or advise buyers to use the app for distributing any copyrighted material without authorization, engaging in piracy, or displaying pornography. It's important to adhere to copyright laws and secure the necessary permissions for any content you plan to use. Additionally, we provide only the app and admin panel code without any links or content. The responsibility for sourcing and adding content legally rests entirely with the app owner.

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