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Movies Details via TMDB From Around The World


TV Series via TMDB From Around The World


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Design Inspiration

Inspired by industry leaders like Netflix and AppleTV+ for a modern interface.

ExoPlayer & Formats

Supports ExoPlayer with formats like mp4, mkv, m3u8, and mpd. Includes web casting and YouTube/embed capabilities.

Ad Networks

Multiple ad networks support with Firebase remote control. Enhance monetization strategies.

Serverless App

No hosting required. Efficient serverless solution so you can just publish and profit!

One-Stop Solution

Smart solutions, real-time results

Experience OFOO's remarkable features for an unparalleled app experience.

  • Beautiful UI inspired by Netflix & AppleTV+

  • Anti Modding Protection

  • Auto Import Movies & TV Series Data from TMDB

  • Multiple Ad Networks with Firebase Control

Strategies That Work

Right strategies & implementations

Unveil the premier Android application code available for purchase! Experience the convenience of a Movies & TV Series Tracker application, offering a seamless, serverless solution without the need for hosting. Benefit from automated operations, fortified encryption, comprehensive Firebase management, and instant notifications.

Solution that grows with you

OFOO's serverless architecture eliminates costly hosting fees, allowing you to save money and time. By implementing this cutting-edge technology, you maximize profits while delivering a superior user experience.

Effortless Cinematic Bliss

OFOO harnesses advanced technology to effortlessly aggregate detailed information for movies and TV shows, including titles, release years, images, trailers, and much more from the TMDB API. Deliver a rich variety of entertainment content to your users automatically, providing a constantly evolving and engaging experience without the need for manual updates.

  • Effortless updates: latest movies, and tv shows auto-added

  • Save big: automated serverless eliminates hosting costs

Clean Code

Modern, clean code with all the essential SDK's

  • Clean, well-structured app code ensures optimal performance and maintainability.

  • Supports Android 5 to 13, integrates with six ad networks, Firebase analytics, and OneSignal notifications.

Everything in One Place

Streamlined Efficiency at Your Fingertips

Localhost-Firebase Backend

Add Movies & TV Shows from Firebase, with ease

Effortless Integration

Access To All The TMDB API's, Trakt, Multple Ad Networks and more

Real-time Analytics

Instant insights with Firebase Real-time Analytics

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